Heart V/s Mind

When you don’t know what to follow, heart is telling all the time give people another chance and mind said stupid stop letting them back in, just remember one thing…

Heart is just an organ like lungs, kidneys, bones etc. Heart has no emotions, feelings…

Everything is controlled by brain…. So try to control your thoughts… or listen to your gut and follow your intuition… Don’t let war happening inside you.

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What i actually find hilarious that someone who is specifically educated in a particular topic or subject of particular field would for one moment believe they are smarter than someone who has experience in walks of life. Where the degree you obtained is only relevant to a specific education in academics. It’s not comparable to education in life. It’s like you could have all the degrees in the world and still be the dumbest. Education is seen in behaviour, not only in classrooms.

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Stop living life according to others. Be you. You are complete and enough in yourself. Self awareness, self improvement, self investment are what matters the most. Start investing in self. What we believe in ourselves and keep consistent towards our goals. Remove every doubt out from your mind. Even impossible says I’M POSSIBLE.

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You can approach your goals in two ways.

1 Paying attention to how far behind you are from your destination.

2 Paying attention to how much progress you have made so far.

The first usually leads to frustration, impatience and lack of motivation.

The second usually leads to gratitude, empowerment and boost of motivation.

Just remember the journey is what matters in the end of day, not the destination. So make sure you spend more time to joy and be grateful about where you are now, instead of constantly being obsessed about a specific fixed state you need to reach. If you’re ungrateful now, reaching your goal will not fulfill you either. Enjoy the process. Journey is beautiful than final destination.

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You can’t put the hurt aside. Nor the disappointment. You have to let pain in, even though it will hurt, and you will overthink, your thoughts will be mess, but that’s fine. It’s okay to feel, to react on your feelings. Some days will be bad, others will be better but you have to let yourself feel it all. What hurts you today will make you stronger tomorrow. Let it in, let it be. Time heals all wound and you will come back better and stronger.

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Generally, life consists of two points. These points can be, position & opposition, right & wrong, positive & negative, etc. Energy will travel between the two. Then you have balance, balance isn’t a destination but constant fight. What’s the force behind the energy? Contradiction! Without contradiction the energy will get to a point and remain. The foundation of existence is paradoxical, for if it wasn’t life wouldn’t exist. See this in everything, nature push us to surpass this law, this awareness has revealed imprisonment. On terms of growth one should care for nothing else.

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The human mind can only think one thought at a time…and you get to choose that. Feel and think but dont hold on to sad or happy thoughts too tightly. Be there with your feelings and then let them move on. If we only think about happy things, we dont allow ourselves to heal and we bypass real feelings that need to be addressed. If we only focus on negative, hate, anger…then we purposely make ourselves sick.
When you can’t let some negative thought go…ruminating on it too much… stop yourself and say (while walking) “from here to that tree I will think of something else” or (at home, put on music you like) “until this song is over, I will think of something else” and then CHOOSE that thought. Usually that’s enough to break out of that spiral of negative thinking.

Instagram ID – sinhmarpriya

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