Be proud of yourself whatever how you looks like,always be sure you are different and have good things inside you ,it’s not by how you looks like black or white,it’s by how you treating people from inside your heart ❤️. In a world full of human
Be proud to have a humanity and not hurt people’s feelings.

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Move on

Do yourself a favor and learn how to walk away. When a connection starts to fade, learn how to let it go. When a person starts to mistreat you, learn how to move on to something and someone better. Don’t waste your energy trying to force something that isn’t meant to be, because the truth is…for every one person who doesn’t value you – there are tons more waiting to love you better!

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Healing is not the complete disappearance of your pain and trauma.
Healing is acknowledging that the pain may still exist, but knowing that whatever you’ve gone through or whatever you’re feeling,
doesn’t define you. 💓

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Too many

Too many times, you’ve drowned yourself for people who can’t swim in your love language.
Burnt yourself for people who can’t put out their own flames.
Abandoned yourself for people who pick and choose when to open their doors to you.
Too many times, you’ve put yourself last. 💓

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TRUE relationship is always based on MEANINGFUL dialogues,,, it’s about CLEAR communication without EGO,,,

it’s all about UNDERSTANDING, TUNING and POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE that’s why don’t GO but GROW through RELATIONSHIP,,,

I don’t win,,,
YOU don’t win,,,

When I became WE life BEGINS…

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Letting go

The key to stop unnecessary overthinking is leave your mind’s front door and back door open. Let thoughts come and go. Just don’t serve them tea. But the problem is we not only serve tea to those guests in form of thoughts but rather hit conversation with them… Let them stay as a guest n serve from time to time…. And in the end we become sick…. Like corona, we wouldn’t realise how it entered. There’s no cure. 😀

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We can’t change others but we can change ourselves,so try to be the best as you can and do not think negatively! Indeed 💖 just like after every dark night there’s bright morning ☀
After every hardship there’s fruitful reward for those who stay patient 🌿🌿
Don’t lose hope ever ✌
And infuse positive thoughts within your subconscious mind and you’ll have a prosperous and peaceful life ahead 💕🍀💕

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Heart V/s Mind

When you don’t know what to follow, heart is telling all the time give people another chance and mind said stupid stop letting them back in, just remember one thing…

Heart is just an organ like lungs, kidneys, bones etc. Heart has no emotions, feelings…

Everything is controlled by brain…. So try to control your thoughts… or listen to your gut and follow your intuition… Don’t let war happening inside you.

Instagram ID – sinhmarpriya

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