It takes a long time to bring excellence to maturity and time is the essence. When facing anything in life, realise that whatever it may be, it is happening now and the chance for progress and growth is always alive, for things to change, always happen on the events of a single day. Adversity makes us all remember a thing called hope. Strength and love are often eclipsed but never vanish, as the tribulations of life come and go, much like the passing clouds, but behind it all, is the same sky with the same colours of life we’ve always known. While there’s life, there’s hope.

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Behind every girl is a story of a guy who made her the way she is today. Every girl has had at least that one guy she’s been through so much with. He could be her longest relationship, her first love & her first heart break. She had some of her best experiences with him, & some of her worst. He said some of the sweetest things to her, & he also said some of the most terrible things. There are things he did that made her the happiest girl, & there are also things he did that made her feel so shitty. All these memories, will follow her into every relationship she gets into. She just feels like less of a girl every time she tries to get to know someone cause she gets more insecure every time it doesn’t work out. Every mistake other guys would make, would just remind her of that one guy who hurt her badly. She was never the same after that guy, & never will be, again.

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Inner peace

No relationship or work or activities should cost you the relationship you have with your self, the self worth you have, the inner peace you have.. Don’t loose you in trying to make world’s happier place or becoming puppet of someone else’s hands. Take care of your mental health and inner peace and do things with cool and relax mind…

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If you embark on an uncharted path, infinite secrets will appear at the end. Always have an attitude towards life to strive to be better and allow the nature of spirituality as a path to achieve greatness. The true meaning of the samurai is one who serves and adheres to the power of love and peace. Most importantly, always has to rise and move on, because new challenges will come along the way. One must remain calm at all times, once the will is resolved, one’s spirit is strengthened. The way of the samurai is found in life and death, one will always die, it’s living that takes real courage.

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Arrogance V/s Confidence

Arrogance is thinking you are better than everyone else. The only person who thinks they know better about everyone they talk about…unfortunately they are proving how shallow they really are.

Confidence is knowing you are better than everyone else, but smart and diplomatic enough to act modest and humble. Confidence isn’t about other people, it’s about being happy with yourself. ❤ Confidence is the feeling that confronts fear , doubt & anxiety with higher intelligence & intuitive knowing .

Not everything is a competition. It’s only to compete with oneself to be a better version of self!

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I ❤️ Myself

I love myself 100% and if someone hate me I really don’t care, I’m not asking some money from them to sustain my Daily needs in the first place. I love myself more than everything around me
And this is my strength 💪. If you also hate your self why others will love you…? Learn to Love yourself…

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Relationships nowadays

Relationship must be safe heaven but nowadays it’s too difficult to find out good partner. Sometimes you think that let the things go and try to save relationship the same time others thing that he culprit and raise their attitude and think that they are better. Never try to understand. I feel sad for people who fight with their spouse every other day but pretend to be perfect couple. One minute, it’s love And, suddenly, it’s like a battlefield…just like this picture

Then what’s the point of living a life like this…. Why to choose misery in your life.. Better to opt those things which are best for your mental peace and makes you happy and fills your joy… Because of there’s no one to look after your’s flower garden, better to become gardener and take care of your flowers on your own.

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Differences are a good thing as long as people respect each other’s point of view. Those who blame, will always suffer. The essence of blaming is disruptive to our nature. Everything is a test by God and when we find soothing quotes to embellish it. There will always be quotes, some that rhyme some that fits the void etc etc. But at the end of the day a individual person faces his individually specific problem. And quotes are like blowing on your cut arm but that will only lessen the pain until it comes back. If we want to heal the pain we need real medicine and in our spirits case it is supreme realization.

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This world is a temporary place.
We are all actors and actresses on stage.
A role has been assigned for all of us to play.
So as to our family and friends.
Do not forget this philosophy.
The 2 chapters of life has already been written eg birth and death.
We leave everything behind.
All we carry with us is our legacy, good deeds and actions.
Our body is only a material thing.
So realise this and perform all good work in this life’s drama.

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Life journey on this earth is a process of learning as we move along up and down hill. We learn through mistakes by letting off our anger then we learn lessons in life. There is always room for improvement otherwise life is limited. Indeed ! We just have to make the first move and then we are there. There’s no getting back. Always believe in yourself and pave your own way towards luminosity.

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