My worth

It took a while before I realized my importance, I felt sorry of my old self, but now theres no need, I dont need anyone to complete me, love me, take good care of me because I can do it myself right? I should not relay my worth based on their opinion about me, its just their “opinion” I know myself better than anyone else in this world. I am chosen because I choose “me”♥️

I used to be innocent and lost, seeking for right direction. It was like I was aware of my potential, but needed right direction and support. I felt sorry for younger me, for the times there was no one to support, guide and understand my actions. But with time and experiences I’ve learned so much and grown up. I’m happy with this version of myself and will try to improve more. I want to chase success everyday and want to help and guide and support to anyone who’s lost and helpless and weak like my younger self.

When you realize the value of yourself then you will stop chassing someone who dont give a shit about you, you have only one life enjoy it chose what makes you happy ❤.

Instagram ID – sinhmarpriya

Published by Burning Soul

Instagram ID - sinhmarpriya

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