Temporary people

I don’t want temporary people in my life I want something real. Someone I I can build with that wants to be with me as much as I want to be with them. When I’m in love I treat the person I’m with like a precious gem because that’s what that person is to me. But I need that same love in return I need to feel like I’m a queen. Temporarily people just wastes your time, energy, efforts, emotions and care you do for them. They are like leeches. First they will show a dream full of magic and happily possibilities and then they will win your trust and gain all the profits they can have from you, and then once they are done they will left you and made you feel useless and valueless. It would be better if you stop allowing such temporary people in your life and focus on the real ones. And even if you never ever find any real person, just remember that you are a real gem and all others were fake and cheap enough to have you.

Instagram ID – sinhmarpriya

Published by Burning Soul

Instagram ID - sinhmarpriya

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