To all those who can relate to what I’m trying to say………………… I believe somewhere there exists a world, where you are free from all the worries, lies, disrespect, brokenhearted, distrust, betrayal etc etc. Where you feel inner peace, immense love, appreciation and your heart dances with joy. Where trust is not an issue when someone’s there besides you, expressing your feelings are worthwhile, your inner self leads you path for long journey, you feel confident, your every moment is full of so much life, people around encourage you to do more good things. Your thoughts, desires, dreams, hidden feelings comes out freely with no fear of getting judged or loosing something. You don’t have to bottled up a lot inside your head or to choose being quiet most of the time because there’s no one to understand your mindset and thought process. You don’t have to take care of the continuous pain which your heart is suffering from due to the wounds given by your most trusted loved ones. You move out of your space freely with courage and freshness because other ones are not judging you for what you want to do. Your feelings are appreciated and felt by others too. Your inner personality is happy with what’s happening outside. Things like lies, distrust, insecurity, fear, cheating, inequality have no place. You feel connected, blessed and happy. Where right things and right doings are justified over wrong ones…………. Even if you feel that this world where we all are living is not same like this imagined world, please don’t loose the spark inside you. If possible try to make things around you bit similar like above mentioned, and if its not possible to change what’s happening around, try to focus on your inner world. Try to stay unaffected by things which is disturbing your inner peace, which is hurting your heart and violating your mindset. Don’t involve too much when you feel something is not matching as per your frequency. Your life is worth more than the unnecessary drama projecting by some disturbing elements present outside there. It’s tough and painful. Sometimes it gonna left you all alone helpless, but never ever loose your spirit. More power to all of you who can relate what i tried to explain………For those who didn’t got my words, I just want to say that just like this outside world having enormous activities and processes, there’s an inner world too with lots of things going around. Some are messed up with outside world, while some with inner world. My message is for those who are messed up with their inner world and lost themselves inbetween. Don’t give up fellas, you are unique and you are worth more than things which bothers you. Stay real and confident always.

Instagram ID – sinhmarpriya

Published by Burning Soul

Instagram ID - sinhmarpriya

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