For a fallen leaf becomes alive in the winds of change, A drop of beauty deepens the ocean, A garden of beauty that blooms inside our hearts, With changes in our emotions. The leaves are on the ground, The seasons are changing as one, Blue skies turning into twilight, Before new rays of light are born from the sun.

Calling for peace and harmony, Within ourselves a love to see, With depths that remain in our hearts, An eternal sunshine that never parts. Every night and every morn, All things new and pure are born, Our essence of beauty is worth more, Than all the waves that wash ashore.

We are nature and the rays of light, Full of hope and changing as the seasons, Which breathes and lives as a thousand stars shine, Like birds that take flight into the winds of freedom.

Destined to find our way, Will make us live only for today, Guiding the path for beauty to follow, To leave behind the pain and hold the hopes of tomorrow.

Seek the beauty within the world, Grasp the life we hold deep inside, Embrace everything from our soul, Until we reflect the light from our eyes.

Instagram ID – sinhmarpriya

Published by Burning Soul

Instagram ID - sinhmarpriya

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