Behind every girl is a story of a guy who made her the way she is today. Every girl has had at least that one guy she’s been through so much with. He could be her longest relationship, her first love & her first heart break. She had some of her best experiences with him, & some of her worst. He said some of the sweetest things to her, & he also said some of the most terrible things. There are things he did that made her the happiest girl, & there are also things he did that made her feel so shitty. All these memories, will follow her into every relationship she gets into. She just feels like less of a girl every time she tries to get to know someone cause she gets more insecure every time it doesn’t work out. Every mistake other guys would make, would just remind her of that one guy who hurt her badly. She was never the same after that guy, & never will be, again.

Instagram ID – sinhmarpriya

Published by Burning Soul

Instagram ID - sinhmarpriya

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