Forgiving is one of the keys I’ve learned and doing something to fulfill the heart and feed my soul is the second then comes peace of mind as the third.

I can show compassion to others and do an act of kindness. Can’t just ignore those people who do bad things against me most specially if have done nothing wrong to them or if I treated them well, from time to time I need to call their attention to correct their wrong doings and to show to them I am not the type of person that they can easily be fooled but if after this they didn’t change that’s time I totally ignore them as if they are not existing, a floating spirits then I let God do his way.

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My worth

It took a while before I realized my importance, I felt sorry of my old self, but now theres no need, I dont need anyone to complete me, love me, take good care of me because I can do it myself right? I should not relay my worth based on their opinion about me, its just their “opinion” I know myself better than anyone else in this world. I am chosen because I choose “me”♥️

I used to be innocent and lost, seeking for right direction. It was like I was aware of my potential, but needed right direction and support. I felt sorry for younger me, for the times there was no one to support, guide and understand my actions. But with time and experiences I’ve learned so much and grown up. I’m happy with this version of myself and will try to improve more. I want to chase success everyday and want to help and guide and support to anyone who’s lost and helpless and weak like my younger self.

When you realize the value of yourself then you will stop chassing someone who dont give a shit about you, you have only one life enjoy it chose what makes you happy ❤.

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Self worth

You are your own self. You come alone into the world you leave alone. Its a human nature to care for someone and give affection.
Its isn’t easy not to get attached since its hard to understand how feelings and emotions work but we can always try to watch our thoughts and the feelings that arise from the thoughts. Hence by becoming the watcher away from the mind we become conscious. The more we do it the more we become conscious.

It’s important to not lose yourself just because you are in a relationship. That creates dependency and neediness which can eventually be suffocating. Maintain own friends too, your own interests and hobbies and hold it in balance. Recognise your self worth. Prioritise your dreams and goals irrespective of your relationship tags. Either you have people around you who support you and stand besides you always or you are all alone, never let this thing distract you away from your purpose. The saying is “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”, isn’t it?

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Silence is powerful, in the presence of intelligence. It’s great, but can be a double edged sword in the long run. While you feel at peace, your thoughts become louder. You begin to ponder false thoughts about yourself and people, accepting these thoughts without expressing them, especially those suffering with anxiety, which only makes it worse. Expression allows you to release these thoughts and you become corrected. Also silence can create distance in relationships and with people close to you, so you’re easily misunderstood by people you love.

Sometime silence is the answer to those situations where words aren’t sufficient. You realize your energy is wasted in arguing. However, you just don’t want a repeat of the lesson that should have already sunk in, so you choose to remain silent.

It’s all about finding the right balance. All human beings have different natures and temperaments. We need to be silent but we also need to accept the shortcomings of others. No human is perfect and we must accept the shortcomings of every human being with just good thought. Also having perfect peace cannot be achieved just by leaving things the way they are. You have to confront them, resolve them and overcome them.

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Love is a Drug. A random person you once never knew comes to your life and makes you feel feelings you’ve never felt before. Hence, you become an addict to that drug aka Love. Logic gives way to the drug-induced feelings, or in more commonly known terms, Heart takes over your Brain. It’s the strongest euphorian Oxytocin and Dopamine releasing drug a human can ever consume quite simply because we’re all hardwired that way from birth for reproduction purposes. Once you get a taste of it and you realise there’s no other way to feel the same way, you become addicted to the dealer of that drug or in your words, to your lover.

It’s really hard to forget someone you used to love and put all your 100% care. It keeps lingering in your mind those memories you built, but life has to go on with or without that someone. You can control those memories. Memories don’t control you. Why do you need to remember memories that are painful? Keep them in the corner of your brain. And just remember that life does not stop! There is no point in just carrying the burden of suffering. So, live completely.

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Love ❤️

True love is mutual and warm. It takes all the pain away, it helps you grow and be the best version of yourself. True love doesn’t hurt, it heals. You start feeling a sense of empathy towards your partner. When you’re in love, you start seeing your lover as an extension of yourself, so when they’re hurt, nervous or really excited about something ,then you experience the same feelings as them. In fact, the pain of love is all about the joy of suffering. Those who once loved someone never think of suffering as suffering.

But some times people we love are the ones that always makes us to cry. It’s hurts so bad. When love hurts and you can fix it then you can stay but if it hurts and you can’t fix it then it’s better to leave cuz that’s not where your suppose to be. Love ain’t perfect, it doesn’t mean it will hurt u always. That’s not love its settling, the difference being we give our self’s these delusions of love because as humans we naturally crave love and we are scared we won’t find love so we settle with someone who makes us miserable.

When you are about to leave, you must first throw your heart away.
Sometimes, deep down in our heart, we know that the relationship we have with someone has no future, the relationship feels bland, and our brain tells us that this relationship must end, don’t waste ur time, but our heart always want to stay, always want to give it a try again again and again. That’s why we feel hurt.
We thought that person will change, the relationship will be better after sometimes, but it won’t.

A right person for you, won’t make you feel regret to choose him/her, he/she willmakes sure not to lose you in any circumstance. Because true love never surrender, and always find a way to understand pain. If s/he can accept you how you are and what you are then there is no doubt in his/her love. That which never hurts is LOVE!
You can say it’s one-sided but LOVE has the definition that means forever and a commitment to respect forever. Being in LOVE is the happiest feeling ever.

Loving someone isn’t only gonna be about happiness. Being in pain while loving someone can allow one to love the other without a doubt. Hurting while in love can come. We all need that one person that can hurt you but yet still truly love you for who you are without choosing someone else over you when it comes to being hurt. Sometimes the pain will allow you to see that your significant other can give you the love you need by holding you, hugging you for a long time, and talking to you because they’d rather be there for you than be there for some other person. Sometimes love is something that people see as only happiness, and never see that pain can allow one to figure out that having someone hold, hug, kiss, and distract you from the pain is the person you need. Sometimes that person can be the one to cause it, but yet be the one to fix it all by showing you how much you mean to them.

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We all are different from one another. Yet no one is perfect. Everybody commit mistakes, sometimes intentionally sometimes unintentionally, sometimes realising mistakes with time, sometimes didn’t even having an idea about mistake being done and sometimes even after realising it, choose to ignore it or not accepting our mistakes. But when people genuinely realised their mistake and tried to correct it, that time asking for forgiveness and granting it to the offender can give peace of mind to both. Its for that one also who had done mistake and for that too who had to face consequences of someone else’s mistakes.

The problem is specifically in understanding one another due to the difference of minds and the difference of ideas and convictions. So sometimes the answer is simply acceptance. To accept that you will simply never understand each other deeply, and when we do that, we are all free to love , give, and grow together without bitter memories and troubled relationships.

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I believe when we die, our souls go someplace. Where we reconnect with old loved ones souls. And other souls are there to great us and care for us.
After an unknown amount of time in this rhelm, we are reborn back on earth. We become soul particles and scatter into the galaxy! Then we attract new particles and when we touch another it starts a chemical reaction and we jump into a portal that takes us back into a life somewhere in some dimension.

Our human body will go back to become dust from which we came from but our spirit and soul will remain an energy forever. Since our body is like a balloon without air, so the spirit is wandering in atmosphere of nowhere, until it found a new body to live again. We become a source of energy for the next beginning. We will be merged with cosmos energy in this endless expanding universe.

A part of us will remain on the people who loved us, and a part of them will accompany us as our soul travels to wherever it believes it will go. We will live on in the hearts and memories of our loved ones, for as long as they live and we will be missed.

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Some people get so good at mind control and policing their feelings, they don’t know who they are anymore. There is no core, no authenticity, just a robotic person always responding to situations as they think they should, and never being real. I think self control can go too far. I want to have my human exoerience with the full spectrum of emotions. They are such an important part of who we are. When emotions work hand in hand with intelligence..that is powerful. We can’t ignore our emotions because its a key indicator of our thoughts, feelings and actions. Sometimes our emotions are more powerful and other times our intelligence is. Having self awareness seems to be the thing that helps us decipher the two.

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